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Questions To Ask When Performing a Hair Consultation

Any talented stylist with a good reputation will agree: It’s important to ask questions of your clients. If you want to do the best job possible for your clients and have their hair look its best, it’s of the utmost importance to know who and what you’re dealing with. But where do you begin? Do […]

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How and Why You Should Educate Your Clients About Hair Care Products

Every time a client walks in and sits in your chair, they provide you with an opportunity to showcase your prowess in styling and caring for their hair. Apart from the regular catch-up conversations, you want to add value to your service by sharing some hair care knowledge with your clients. Educating and engaging in […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Salons Business

Working on a business of any kind is a full-time job. Business owners put their blood, sweat, and tears into that operation to make it operate to the standards that they expect, and they deserve to be applauded for their efforts on that. Thus, if you’re a salon business owner, we know that you are working […]

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The Benefits Of Buying Hair Care Products At Your Local Salon

Buying haircare products is an essential element of taking good care of your hair and ensuring you have done everything within your power to get the look you want. Thus, you should consider where you purchase your haircut products and what that says about your dedication to getting the perfect looking hair.  Why You Should […]

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How to Buy Wholesale Beauty Supplies for Your Salon

Are you ready to start purchasing wholesale beauty supplies for your salon in Anchorage, AK? If this is your first time, making the switch from wholesale to retail can be intimidating. Generally, salon owners purchase far more items in bulk than you might with a simple retail order. That’s a commitment, particularly if you haven’t […]

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