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Category Archives: Shampoo

The Benefits of Surface Haircare

There is more than one type of hair care that you can use to help support your hair and help to get it healthy and looking great. While we all know about shampoos and conditioners that help to support the internal health of the hair, many shampoos are made of chemicals and other ingredients that […]

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All About Neuma Hair Products

One of the most revolutionary hair product lines to be launched recently is Neuma. This hair product line has the potential to take the entire hair care industry in a new direction. Neuma products have introduced a new norm in the industry of being green and transparent about the ingredients they contain. Neuma hair products […]

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Why You Should Always Use Salon-Grade Shampoo

Sure, you can pay less on your salon supplies if you choose bargain shampoos at your nearest big box store or the local drugstore. But are you really saving in the long run? Not usually. Salon-grade shampoo will probably cost more per bottle, but buying from your wholesale beauty supply distributor is worth the investment. […]

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Which Should I Use: Color-Depositing Shampoo or Toning Shampoo?

Do you know the difference between color-depositing shampoo and toning shampoo? As a hair professional, you undoubtedly do—but when it comes to explaining the difference to your clients (or when visiting your local salon supply store), you might have trouble explaining the difference. Here’s an overview of whether to choose color-depositing shampoo or toning shampoo […]

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Dry Shampoo and When to Use It

Is it already time to wash your hair again? If your hair is looking limp and greasy before your regular hair washing day, dry shampoo can absorb the oil and make your hair look and smell clean. Dry shampoo is easily available at drugstores and salons—and once you try it, you’ll never feel gross between […]

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