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Category Archives: Beauty Supply Store

The Benefits Of Buying Hair Care Products At Your Local Salon

Buying haircare products is an essential element of taking good care of your hair and ensuring you have done everything within your power to get the look you want. Thus, you should consider where you purchase your haircut products and what that says about your dedication to getting the perfect looking hair.  Why You Should […]

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A Guide to Pulp Riot Hair Colors and Products

If you’re not already a fan of Pulp Riot hair care and hair colors, we’re pleased to introduce you to your new favorite line of products. Pulp Riot was founded in 2016 by a group of hairdressers. They started with 16 fantasy colors and now offer bleach and styling products, too. Here’s a closer look […]

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Hair Care Tips for Oily Scalps and Dry Ends

There are plenty of products designed for oily hair and scalps—or dry hair and scalps. What do you use if you have an oily scalp and dry ends? This is known as combination hair, and it presents its own unique set of challenges. While you still want to keep your scalp hydrated, the heavy-duty products […]

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Tips for Selling Products in Your Salon

Selling salon retail products is a great way to capitalize on high profit margins and lure your customers back. Did you know that a client is 30 percent more likely to return if they buy a product from you? If you want to boost your profits and keep your customers coming back for more, selling […]

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Amika Products

Does your salon stock Amika hair products? If you haven’t tried this Brooklyn-based haircare brand, you’re missing out. Amika is known for cruelty-free, high-performance ingredients—including sea buckthorn berry, present in every product. Sea buckthorn berry contains 190 active ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so your hair looks great from the inside out. Here’s a […]

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