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What Makes Pureology a Great Shampoo and Conditioner?

Salon owners know there’s no shortage of brands or products to choose from to clean, treat and style their clients’ hair. But as a leading Pureology distributor, we can attest that Pureology makes some of our favorite shampoos and conditioners. Why do we love and trust the brand? There are plenty of reasons! Continue reading […]

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What Is Toning Shampoo, and Why Should You Use It?

Do your preferred hair color treatments leave hair looking a little bit too brassy for your liking? Most people who receive color treatments like lightening or highlighting notice some yellow or orange tones in their hair after the treatment. If you work at a salon, here’s what you need to know about toning shampoos so […]

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Why You Should Choose an Ammonia-Free Hair Color

The art and science of hair color continues to develop. One of the most important innovations in hair coloring was the introduction of ammonia-free color. It’s an exciting replacement for harsh chemical dyes that can dry hair and irritate the scalp. In fact, ammonia-free color can even improve the health of your hair while providing […]

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Redken: What Products to Use from This Leader in Hair Health

Redken has earned a reputation as being one of the leaders in hair care innovation, and when you look at the company’s work, it’s easy to see why. The company has a research and innovation team that has developed a wide range of revolutionary hair products, such as Smart Haircare, and constantly maintains a client-centric […]

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