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Category Archives: Salon Equipment

Ways To Improve Your Salon’s Efficiency

Ways To Improve Your Salon’s Efficiency Managing a salon can be challenging, but there are ways to improve your efficiency. Organize Your Workspace Whether you’re a new salon owner or an old pro, implementing organization into your workspace can improve your salons efficiency. The benefits are obvious; an organized space can reduce stress and increase […]

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The Importance of High Quality Hairstyling Tools for Your Salon

Have you ever wondered why professional hair styling tools are important? If you own a salon, good quality equipment will ensure that your business process runs as smoothly as possible. Additionally, it improves the salon experience for your clients and overall customer satisfaction. These things are crucial for your business. Furthermore, there are other reasons […]

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Why You Should Wholesale Your Salon Products and Supplies

Running a successful salon requires managing a lot of moving parts. Whether you sell products on-site or simply need to keep up with demand for salon supplies, your best bet is working with wholesale beauty supply distributors. From finding the right supplies and products to delivering them on time, working with a wholesaler can make […]

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Reasons to Buy Your Products at a Wholesale Beauty Store

As a hairstylist, you have a few different options when you need to buy new beauty supplies: you can shop at a traditional retailer, you can buy online or you can work with a wholesale beauty supply distributor. While traditional retail works for some salon owners, we believe buying from a wholesale distributor is your […]

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