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The Importance of Using the Best Salon Equipment and Where to Get Started

A high-quality salon is able to achieve its high standards in large part due to the equipment it uses. Whether you’re starting up your own salon or looking for a new salon to patronize, it’s important to prioritize equipment.

But what’s the most important equipment for a good salon in Anchorage, AK to have, and where do you get started in your search? Here’s a quick overview of some of the basic features for you to consider:

  • Cutting utensils: Obviously, anyone who’s going to be cutting hair needs scissors and clippers. There are many different varieties of these cutting utensils to choose from. If you are not a stylist yourself, you can ask the stylist at the salon about the types of scissors and clippers they use, or if you’re starting your own salon, you can ask around to other professionals about what they use.
  • Furniture: Stylists should make it a point to keep all of their patrons as comfortable as possible during their appointment. This includes comfortable styling chairs or barber chairs, as well as comfortable and durable furniture to place in the waiting areas.
  • Carts: A lot of salons make heavy use of carts and trolleys to store and move hair dressing and styling equipment. There are certain high-usage tools and equipment that need to be mobile and readily available, so carts are extremely beneficial in a salon setting.
  • Hair styling tools: Beyond the cutting utensils, there are other tools that are necessary for styling purposes. These include curlers, blow dryers, diffusers and other styling items that will help produce a wide range of hair styles.
  • Brushes and combs: These items could technically be included under styling tools, but they’re so important and varied that they deserve their own category. There are many different types of brushes and combs, which help stylists work with many different types of hair styles. These include round brushes, square brushes, wide-toothed combs and tail-end combs. In addition to helping with different types of hair styles, there are specific combs and brushes that should be used with wet versus dry hair.
  • Hair styling station: The actual hair styling station is also important to consider—you’ll need to outfit it with all the necessary equipment to get through an appointment. This includes drawers, dispensers, mirrors, tool compartments and holders, electrical outlets and sufficient lighting. A well-designed hair styling station will help stylists produce the best possible results and deliver a more efficient appointment.

Again, your best bet is to browse around at other salons and figure out the kind of equipment they’re relying on most heavily. And if you’re a patron, don’t be shy about asking questions about the kind of equipment your stylist uses. Salon owners who care about their equipment and are detail-oriented and knowledgeable about the tools they use generally will also be more detail-oriented in terms of how they handle your hair.

Contact Aurora Beauty Supply today for more information about the best salon equipment—we’ll help you get started on your hair styling journey in Anchorage, AK!