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Why You Should Choose an Ammonia-Free Hair Color

The art and science of hair color continues to develop. One of the most important innovations in hair coloring was the introduction of ammonia-free color. It’s an exciting replacement for harsh chemical dyes that can dry hair and irritate the scalp. In fact, ammonia-free color can even improve the health of your hair while providing long-lasting, beautiful coverage for your locks.

If you’re visiting a beauty supply distributor to pick up coloring products for your salon and are looking for color that lasts, here are five reasons why you should invest in a quality ammonia-free hair color.

Gentle on skin and hair

Unlike other options on the market, ammonia-free hair color features an extra-gentle formula that’s ideal for people with sensitive skin and hair. If you’ve noticed frizzy or damaged hair from previous coloring or styling sessions, switching your color to ammonia-free is a safeguard against further damage. Ammonia-free color also improves the health of your scalp—many people experience itching or burning after a chemical dye treatment. You won’t have to worry about that when you make the switch.

Protects hair

Since ammonia-free color doesn’t cause the harsh reaction on hair that chemical dyes do, your hair will retain its excellent health. When you change from traditional hair dyes to ammonia-free options, your hair will be infused with nourishing oils during the coloring process. It not only gives hair the smoothest, silkiest finish you’ve ever experienced, but it also traps in natural moisture to prolong color and prevent dryness.

Superior gray coverage

Sick of seeing gray hairs? Ammonia-free color is the best option for you since it provides permanent color that offers up to 100 percent gray blending. Many people who choose ammonia-free color can subtly cover up grays, making it less obvious they had a color treatment applied in the first place. During your treatment, consider upgrading to a multi-tonal finish. It helps gray, aging hair improve its thickness and overall health.

Provides a natural look

Hair color looks best when done in a subtle, understated way—in other words, a natural look has and likely always will be on trend. Neutral shades including blonde, ash blonde and ash brown continue to remain popular for both men and women alike. Ammonia-free colors feature a wide range of ultra-natural looking shades and tones that you can explore at your local beauty supply distributor. The results are much more pleasing when compared to harsh chemical dyes.

Odor free

Ammonia-free color is also odor free. Many ammonia-based dyes have a harsh smell that can linger even after it’s washed away. When you make the switch to ammonia-free coloring, you don’t get the strong smells you notice from traditional dyes. It actually enhances your overall experience at your salon.

Anyone in the market for high-quality hair color should explore ammonia-free options that are available at your local beauty supply distributor. Get in touch with Aurora Beauty Supply to explore the wide-ranging benefits of ditching your chemical dyes for healthy and effective ammonia-free color and learn more about the products we stock for your salon.