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Which Should I Use: Color-Depositing Shampoo or Toning Shampoo?

Do you know the difference between color-depositing shampoo and toning shampoo? As a hair professional, you undoubtedly do—but when it comes to explaining the difference to your clients (or when visiting your local salon supply store), you might have trouble explaining the difference.

Here’s an overview of whether to choose color-depositing shampoo or toning shampoo for your next hair care project.

Color-depositing shampoo

Color-depositing shampoo is the best way to keep your dyed hair looking great for longer. When you wash your hair, it washes away the color bit by bit. Color-depositing shampoo combats fading by depositing small amounts of color back in your hair every time you wash. For colors that fade easily, like reds, blues and purples, this is the best way to make your hair color stay vivid for longer.

The best part about color-depositing shampoo is that it stretches out the time between hair dyeing sessions. Whether your clients are coming to the salon or doing it at home, they’ll be pleased that they can maintain a bright, beautiful color without having to put in a lot of extra care. It also helps them save money over time. These factors are crucial when your clients have expensive, time-consuming and dramatic hair color needs. Offering them a smart maintenance solution can go a long way toward retaining them over the long term.

There are a couple of downsides to color-depositing shampoos. First, your hair needs to be porous to achieve the best effects—using it on virgin hair won’t give the same results. Second, it can stain hands and nails, so caution them to use plastic gloves when applying the dye. Finally, it can make your hair feel a little dry, so they’ll need an extra-luxurious conditioner.

Toning shampoo

Toning shampoo is used to neutralize unwanted color in hair by depositing pigments. If your hair gets brassy, you can use toning shampoo to get the exact color you want.

There are three main types of toning shampoo: green, blue and purple. To determine which color shampoo to buy, you’ll need to refer to a color wheel. For example, if you want to eliminate red tones in your hair, you’d choose the opposite on the color wheel: green.

Green toning shampoo will get rid of red tones in your hair, while blue toning shampoo neutralizes brassy brown hair. If your hair tends to turn orange when you bleach it, blue shampoo helps. Finally, purple shampoo is great for neutralizing brassy yellow tones in any color of hair, whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead. The color-correcting qualities will create a more natural color all around.

Choosing the right type of shampoo for colored hair is a process, and you need to ensure you’re starting out with a quality selection. As a stylist, it’s important that you offer high-quality color-depositing shampoos and toning shampoos for your clients, both for use in the salon and to sell to them for their own use at home. Visit Aurora Beauty Supply to stock up on everything you need.