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Signs It Is Time to Rebrand Your Salon and How to Start

Having the right products and the right talent in your salon is not all there is to running a great establishment. Your branding will be a huge part of your overall success. If it appears that you are doing everything else right, but are still not seeing the number of clients you want in your salon, branding could be the problem.

The solution could be as easy as a rebrand. Rebranding is an important business decision that should be considered carefully. Making the wrong decisions with branding or rebranding could be destructive. Let’s look at the warning signs that you might be in need of a rebranding.

You Are Not Reaching Your Target Number of Clients

If you are already taking all of the advertising steps you should be taking and still not bringing in the numbers you want, consider if you are truly appealing to the market. You should consider if your salon’s aesthetic and marketing strategy is going to grab your targeted demographic.

The Competition Is Passing You Up

Competition is a healthy part of business ownership. Don’t let competition overwhelm or depress you. Instead, take a look at the salons that are doing better than you. Ask yourself, “What are they doing differently? What can I learn from them?” This could be great information to help you update your location, your style offerings, or service offerings.

Clients Are Leaving

If clients are leaving, you need to reevaluate. Attracting clients is only one part of successful salon ownership. You want those clients to stick around. Salon loyalty is going to be a huge part of your success.

A rebrand will give clients something to stick around for. Another great idea is offering referral incentives. This gives clients a reason to not only come back but to recommend you to others. Group packages are also a great way to encourage clients to bring their friends and family.

Multiple Locations

If you are running multiple locations, you want to make sure your branding works for each location. If it is not, you should consider rebranding in such as way as to bring cohesiveness and consistency to all of the locations.

A Dated Look

If your salon has not had a makeover in a while, it could start to affect your bottom line. Even if long-time clients don’t mind the same old appearance every visit, it could be a turn-off for new clients. People visit a salon for a new look, a fresh style, a makeover. If the salon itself looks like it needs a makeover, potential customers might not venture in.

How To Create A Strong Brand 

To rebrand successfully, you need to be in tune with your targeted clientele. You may need to do some research in order to figure out which aesthetic will appeal, which social media outlets should be tapped, and which types of services are in demand for the demographic you are after.

This is important marketing research you must do in order to brand or rebrand successfully.