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What Is Toning Shampoo, and Why Should You Use It?

Do your preferred hair color treatments leave hair looking a little bit too brassy for your liking? Most people who receive color treatments like lightening or highlighting notice some yellow or orange tones in their hair after the treatment. If you work at a salon, here’s what you need to know about toning shampoos so you can select the right one for you on your next visit to your local wholesale beauty supply distributor.

What is toning shampoo?

Toning shampoo is an excellent product that helps color correct and control brassy hair in between the treatments you receive at your local salon. When used one or two times per week, the shampoo works to neutralize unwanted brassiness in colored hair. It helps you get rid of shocking tones that can otherwise detract from the beautiful color of your locks.

What are the three types of toning shampoos?

There are three common types of toning shampoos you’ll find at your local wholesale beauty supply distributor. Here’s a brief summary of the key differences between these shampoos:

  • Purple toning shampoo: Purple shampoo is typically seen as the gold standard for toning shampoos. The reason why purple shampoo is so effective for blonde hair is that purple is directly across the color wheel from yellow. In other words, if you want to tone down the yellows in your hair to give it a soft blonde look, purple is a neutralizer that does the trick.
  • Blue toning shampoo: If you have brown hair that’s looking a little brassy, blue toning shampoo will be your go-to product. There are blue pigments in the shampoo and, again, color theory applies here. Orange is directly across the color wheel from blue, which means this shampoo will cancel out any orange tones that are detracting from the color of your luscious locks.
  • Green toning shampoo: These shampoos contain green pigments. Since red is on the opposite side of the color wheel from green, you can use these shampoos to neutralize any ruddy tones you might be noticing in your hair.

How can I incorporate toning products in my haircare routine?

It’s quite simple to tone your hair at home. Start by selecting the toning shampoo that matches your hair color concerns and apply it on wet hair while bathing. In some cases, you’ll need to immediately rinse the shampoo off, while in others you’ll need to leave the shampoo on your hair for a few minutes to let it work its magic. It’s best to follow each shampoo with an appropriate conditioner. Always follow the instructions on the label for best results.

If you have lightened or highlighted hair, toning shampoo will soon become a key product in your overall haircare routine. Ensure your locks get the treatment they deserve with salon-quality toning products that you can only find at your local wholesale beauty supply distributor. Contact Aurora Beauty Supply today to discover the ideal toning treatment and pick up products for your salon. We look forward to assisting you!