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How You Can Support Your Local Beauty Supply Store (and Why You Should)

Are you shopping at your local beauty supply store or wholesaler for this holiday season? If not, you should be. When you shop local, you support the local economy—which is a welcome relief for small businesses that may have struggled during the worst of the pandemic.

If you’re stocking beauty supplies for your own salon or beauty supply store, make sure you pick up some products you can promote as gifts. Your loyal customers will be glad to help support your business, and your local wholesaler will benefit, too.

Here’s why and how you should shop local this season.

Get your products from reputable wholesalers or salons

If you’ve ever wished you could achieve a salon look at home, it could be that you’re not using the right products. When you shop from your local beauty supply store or salon, you’re getting salon-quality products from someone who can vouch for their efficacy. It matters what you buy, just as much as it matters where you buy.

Local beauty supply stores and salons know the truth: salon products are better for your hair and skin. They are less likely to contain sulfates or damaging chemicals. Better still, they use less water, which means a little of the product goes a longer way. It’s better than anything you can get at the drugstore.

If you’re a salon owner, shopping from your local wholesaler is the best way to ensure your products are authentic. Less reputable wholesalers may sell you old, expired products, where there’s no guarantee that they haven’t been damaged by extreme heat or cold. When you build a relationship with a local wholesaler, however, they’ll get to know you, your tastes and your needs. You’ll get better recommendations and insights into new products, too.

Why shop local?

Shopping local is the best way to make sure your favorite businesses stick around. You might be surprised to hear that salons make the bulk of their money selling products—and for local beauty supply stores, products are their entire business model. If you want your favorite hairstylist or store to stay in business, consider purchasing products from them this holiday season.

Another way to support your favorite local businesses is to review them positively on Google and Yelp. The higher their ratings (and the more of them), the more likely the business is to attract new customers.

Beauty supply gifting tips

Luckily, salon products make a great gift. Find out which products your loved ones swear by, and see if you can find them locally. Not only is it something you know they’ll love, but salon products are a luxury for many. Alternatively, you could find a product that’s designed to help them achieve their desired hair goals. This can be risky—some people tend to be very picky about their products—but if you know the person well, you’ll know whether they’ll appreciate it or not.

Shopping at your local beauty supply store and wholesaler this holiday season is a great way to help local businesses thrive. Visit Aurora Beauty Supply today to stock your salon or store.