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Need Some Beauty Supply Store Gift Giving Ideas?

Beauty supply gifts are often a welcome treat for the people on your list. Salon-quality supplies are a luxury for many. Plus, supporting your local beauty supply store and wholesaler is a good way to support the local economy, and ensure your favorite businesses stick around for years to come.

If you’re stocking your salon or beauty supply store, consider purchasing gift-worthy products from your wholesaler. ‘Tis the season to make it easy to shop!

Need some beauty gift ideas to help you get started on your shopping? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Heat styling tools: While your friends and family might get great results with a $20 curling iron or flat iron, nothing compares to high-quality salon styling products. If your loved one uses a particular type of heat styling tool every day, consider getting them an upgraded version. Chances are, you already know which tools they use. If not, see if they’re lying around the bathroom, or ask some subtle questions to find out what they like.
  • Artisanal brushes and combs: If your friend enjoys beautiful, functional objects, consider artisanal brushes and combs. Not only are they practical, but some brands look more like art pieces than like something meant to de-tangle your locks. Look around your beauty supply store (or wholesaler) to find beautiful tools in your budget.
  • Luxury shampoo and conditioner: This gift is a little riskier, unless you know exactly what brands and types of products your loved one uses. If they’ve ever mentioned a “holy grail” shampoo or conditioner—like a product they tried and loved but couldn’t afford—see if you can pick it up for them. This is an especially nice treat for someone reluctant to spend money on themselves.
  • Beauty fridge: If your friend or family member has temperature-sensitive beauty products, a small beauty fridge can help preserve those products—without taking over the one where they store their food. (Their roommates or significant other might thank you, too.) These often have sleek designs and are small enough to fit on a bathroom counter.
  • Specialty products: There may be other specialty products your friends and family would love to score. See if you can find their wish lists, or ask them what they recommend in a certain area. The answers may point you to something they really love.
  • Travel size products: Finally, consider grabbing travel-size salon products as stocking stuffers. Not only are they less expensive, but they’re a low-commitment way for the recipients to try something new. If they end up loving your selections, you can always give them full-size versions on the next gift-giving occasion.

Beauty supply gifts are a great idea for just about everyone on your list. Giving them new favorites or beloved standbys will be a big hit—or you can upgrade their styling tools and stuff their stockings.

Aurora Beauty Supply is a trusted local beauty supply wholesaler. Stop by today to stock your salon or beauty supply store, and let the gift-giving season begin in style!