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How to Talk with Your Clients About Professional Hair Care Products

Why should you use salon hair products? No one has to tell salon owners and employees why salon hair products are best for their hair, but when it comes to clients, you may encounter some resistance. While salon hair products are superior, they also come with a higher price tag. When a client is used to paying less than $10 for a value-sized bottle of drugstore shampoo, professional hair care products can be a tough sell.

Talking to your clients about salon hair products can be a challenge. After all, if they’re spending a significant chunk of money on your services, why wouldn’t they get the hair products that will guarantee great results?

Here’s how to understand their needs and handle this discussion.

Why do clients choose drugstore products?

There could be a number of reasons clients are reluctant to spring for salon hair products. Cost is the most obvious factor, of course—if you’re used to paying drugstore prices, you might get serious sticker shock when buying from a salon. Your client might have just dropped a few hundred dollars on cut, color, styling and tip and are reluctant to spend more. Similarly, they may factor professional services into their budget but don’t have room for additional expenditures.

Another reason clients might go for drugstore products is that they misunderstand their hair care needs. For example, some people might mistake thirsty, dry hair for damaged hair or think that they have oily hair when they simply need a lighter shampoo.

Finally, the client might not realize that purchasing products is a great way to ensure that your salon stays in business.

How to talk to clients

Now that you know why clients avoid salon hair products, you can tell them why they should use them—despite their misconceptions. If price is the main issue, remind your clients that when they’re using high-quality products, they’ll also use less of them. That can extend the product life and make it easier to fit them into your budget.

Another great reason to use salon products: They’ll address your real hair issues, rather than what you think the problem might be. This is where your expertise comes in. By matching clients with the right products, they’ll spend less than when they’re inevitably disappointed with the results. By educating them about what goes into salon products—and helping them pinpoint their hair problems—you can counteract the assumption that salon products are too expensive.

Finally, if your clients express the hope that your small business will stay in business, it’s a great opportunity to remind them that purchasing hair care products from your salon is an excellent way to make sure that you stay open.

Whatever the reasons your clients avoid salon products, a candid discussion can help. Teach them why they should use salon hair products and what hair products are best for their hair, and you might just create a devoted customer for life.

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