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Why You Should Wholesale Your Salon Products and Supplies

Running a successful salon requires managing a lot of moving parts. Whether you sell products on-site or simply need to keep up with demand for salon supplies, your best bet is working with wholesale beauty supply distributors. From finding the right supplies and products to delivering them on time, working with a wholesaler can make your job a lot easier.

Here are our best tips for buying hairdresser supplies and salon products and why you should consider working with a wholesaler:

  • Get expert advice: Not sure which products sell well? Haven’t heard anything about the newest version of your clients’ favorite shampoos? Want to find the perfect product that will solve niche hair concerns? Working with a wholesaler is a great way to get expert advice on the products you need. Since salons make significant profit off hair care products, it’s in your best interest to find a good one and make friends with the staff. You’ll always have the right products for your clients’ myriad needs.
  • Schedule regular deliveries: Part of managing a salon is ensuring that you get regular deliveries of the products and supplies you need. Working with a wholesaler cuts out the middleman and allows you to schedule regular deliveries of your most popular products.
  • Find everything you need in one place: Shears, shampoo, flat irons and hairspray—your wholesaler will have it all. Whatever you need for your everyday business, a good beauty supply wholesaler will be able to provide it in one easy order.
  • Learn about hot new products and supplies: It would be impossible for every salon owner to keep up on every single new product and trend that comes along. That’s why it’s smart to partner with a wholesaler. Many wholesalers offer educational services and events, so you can learn about what’s selling and what’s working for other salons.
  • Buy in bulk: Who doesn’t love a discount? When you work with a wholesaler, you’ll have the opportunity to buy in bulk. That means that you’ll have more chances to save some cash on your top sellers and most-used salon supplies.
  • Stay on top of your inventory: Working with a great wholesaler is also a smart way to control your inventory. Using data from past orders and sales, you can determine which products and supplies fly out the door versus those that you only need to order once or twice per year.
  • Get great customer service: Finally, working with a beauty supply wholesaler gives you the opportunity to get better customer service all around. From regular orders and expert advice to refunding damaged products and educational opportunities, getting to know your local beauty supply wholesaler should prove to be one of the best relationships you have.

Whether you’re a brand-new salon or you’ve been in business for decades, having the right tools, supplies and products is key. Aurora Beauty Supply is a wholesale beauty supply distributor. Call us today to learn more about our selection or to place an order.