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How and Why You Should Educate Your Clients About Hair Care Products

Every time a client walks in and sits in your chair, they provide you with an opportunity to showcase your prowess in styling and caring for their hair. Apart from the regular catch-up conversations, you want to add value to your service by sharing some hair care knowledge with your clients. Educating and engaging in discussions about your client’s hair helps earn their trust and loyalty, which is beneficial to both parties, especially if you sell hair care products. 

According to the Professional Beauty Association, most clients want their hairdressers to help them solve their hair and beauty problems by showing them how to care for their hair. As a hair expert, you’re perceived as the best person to give reliable and valuable information about hair care products and hairstyling.

How to Prompt Talking About a Product

Most of your clients have no one to educate them on the best product ingredients or proper usage. That means they may not know or use the right products, and if you’re their only stylist, they may never know until you start the discussion. How you begin this discussion varies from one client to another. Here are a few tips to guide the direction of your conversation.

  • Ask about how they feel about their hair: Clients who are unhappy with the color, texture or overall look of their hair will likely say so. As the stylist, you have probably already figured out the problem, but asking can help you start educating your client systematically without rushing to recommend a product.
  • Recommend products that you feel will suit their hair care needs. This only works for clients who are willing to invest in products that help their hair or aren’t afraid of trying new products.
  • Provide unique suggestions. Phrases like, “your hair has responded well to this shampoo,” may sound very helpful to clients you have been serving for years. You can discuss the ingredients and why you feel their hair does well with the mentioned product.
  • Introduce your new services/products. Clients who always come to you for advice may need options along with education to match your suggestions.
  • Give future plans for the client’s hair. If you have new services or products coming up, you can always let your clients know during the conversation and include why you think the service or product will benefit their hair.

Why It Is Important to Talk About Hair Care Products With Your Clients

Your clients value your opinion and will appreciate your guidance whenever possible. Just as you value your skills and expertise, you can also give hair care equal attention, which will help your clients maintain gorgeous hair even when you’re not around. Remember, the idea is not to promote or market a product but to educate and provide helpful information to your clients. Providing hair care tips and tricks shows that you’re genuinely concerned about your client’s hair quality, and you’re happy to help them make it better on their own, which builds credibility, loyalty and trust.

Don’t Forget to Get the Best From the Best

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