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Questions To Ask When Performing a Hair Consultation

Any talented stylist with a good reputation will agree: It’s important to ask questions of your clients. If you want to do the best job possible for your clients and have their hair look its best, it’s of the utmost importance to know who and what you’re dealing with.

But where do you begin? Do you know the types of questions to ask during a hair consultation? And why it is important to ask questions during a hair consultation? 

1. What is your daily hairstyling routine like?

It’s important to know what a client has in mind for their own daily hair routine. Many would love the idea of a super attractive yet very detailed hair routine and styling. However, it may not be realistic for them to achieve that stylish look every morning. Time spent and the level of commitment might not be the same for every client. 

2. Do you ever use heating tools for your hair? 

Blow dryers, curling irons, and hot curlers. Using heat on your hair requires certain things to be done to achieve the desired style and look. Ask your client if they utilize such procedures and tools. It will allow you to recommend certain serums and hair products that will help keep their hair safe from the heat.

3. What cuts and styles have you had in the past that you’d like to avoid again?

This is a question to ask any client you’re unfamiliar with. Eliminating a number of things your client has experienced that they were not happy with will help you narrow down the direction to go. Figuring out the types of cuts and looks they are more interested in upfront will help eliminate any surprises and be more conducive to having a satisfied, happy client.

4. What are your long-term goals for your hair?

If the client has shorter hair but has the goal of growing it out longer, it will make no sense to give them a short haircut. Communication with them about their long-term goals for their hairstyle is very important. Do they plan to maintain a similar hairstyle over time, or would they prefer to grow their hair out and style it differently as it lengthens?

5. Are you outside much in your day-to-day routine?

This is a question many stylists don’t think of asking, but it’s so important, especially during warmer, sunnier times of the year. If your client is outdoors a lot, it’s important they have the right products for their hair to help deal with sun exposure. The cut they choose might be more outdoor-friendly if they work outside or spend a lot of time in the elements. 

There are five simple, easy-to-ask questions that should give any stylist the inside track on finding the right types of haircuts and products to recommend to their clients.