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Accessories and Tools You Need for Your Salon

If you’re a business person just starting out, you probably want to know which essential equipment you need in your salon. Being prepared with the correct styling equipment will help your transactions go smoothly and keep your clients pleased. These are some of the must-have items you need to get for your salon:

Seats and Mirrors

Part of the joy of visiting a beauty salon is settling into a lush seat and being pampered. You’re going to need to purchase barber shop chairs for clients who want shortcuts and some flexible chairs for the patrons who need their hair washed.

The chairs in the main service area should swivel and offer you and the customers plenty of flexibility. The ones for the hair washing area should have a stable foundation, but they should also recline so that the customers’ heads can go into the wash water comfortably.   

A Reception Area and Lobby

Reception and lobby products are vital to your business as well. You don’t have to purchase an elaborate welcome desk at first, but it should have a place for the receptionist to sit.

You’ll need a telephone for when your prospects call, and you will also need to have drawers for your paperwork and appointment list. That requirement applies only if you’re going to run the shop bare-bones style without all the technology. A computer is necessary if you want to set up online booking and payments with one of the latest apps. 

Your lobby should have at least 10 comfortable seats, and you’ll need a coffee table for magazines. Customers enjoy looking at beauty magazines while they wait for care because the pictures give them ideas for a new style.

Hair Styling "Utensils"

Before you start your business, you will have to shop for many of the odds and ends you need to perform your duties. You will need flexible shears to cut your clients’ hair. Small blow dryers, combs, brushes, and curling irons also need to go into the collection.

Ensure that you purchase a pair of the finest set of clippers, too. You’ll need them for customers who want their short hair buzzed and people who wish to have their facial hair removed. 

Tons of Products

The product list that you need for your launch is huge. It includes shampoos, coloring, hair grease, baby oil, conditioners, relaxers, and more. The best way to tackle the list is to think about each service you’ll provide at a time and list everything you need to perform that task.

For example, you need wax or razors if you intend to trim or contour people’s eyebrows. Buy enough products to last your first month, and perhaps your profits will bring enough money in for you to stock up several times over and have money left. 

Hair Dryers

The hair salon equipment list must also include overhead hair dryers for the clients who need to get their hair shampooed or colored. 

Those are the essential items, but they’re not all the items you will need. Gathering them can get you started, and you can build from there and create a lucrative business with the money you make from giving people awesome hairstyles.