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Consider Usmooth Products in Your Salon

When choosing products for your salon, you need to know what’s in the products and what the companies stand for that produce them. Remember, the products you use say a lot about you and your business. This quick guide will provide you with information on usmooth products and why your salon should carry usmooth products. Keep reading to learn more about this brand.

What Is Usmooth?

Usmooth is a comprehensive line of hair products that deliver high performance results. Not only do these products use high-quality ingredients, but they offer a full range of choices for many different hair types. Infused with sunflower oil, these products provide natural moisture and UV protection. This helps to increase hair’s strength on a daily basis. Customers will notice an instant improvement in their hair’s vitality and shine.

These products are used in high-end professional salons across the country. Pros turn to usmooth products when they want hair products and tools that provide simplicity and ease.

A Brand To Trust

The usmooth brand was created by Gino Barbo. This Australian-born entrepreneur moved to the US in 1985 and started his own independent family-owned distribution company. This company was built on the idea that if you do things the right way, the natural by-product will be success. He has devoted his time and talents to the salon industry and coupled that with a desire to help others. These qualities are what have helped to build usmooth into the international brand it is today.

A Helping Hand

Success is not all that matters to the usmooth team. This is showcased in the ucare Foundation. The ucare Foundation uses money from sales and contributions to give back to the salon community in many ways. If you want to know that the products you use in your salon stand for something, usmooth could be a good fit for you.

Values That Matter

At usmooth, the focus is on people, not numbers. The usmooth team works hard to value diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are also some of the benefits of usmooth products. If these are values you stand for in your salon, why not team up with a product distributor that aligns with you in these ways?

Your Products Matter

The products you use and sell in your salon matter. Today, customers are concerned about sustainability and the values of the companies they do business with. Partnering with usmooth will ensure that your customers can feel good about the products they are interacting with.