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Category Archives: General

Signs It Is Time to Rebrand Your Salon and How to Start

Having the right products and the right talent in your salon is not all there is to running a great establishment. Your branding will be a huge part of your overall success. If it appears that you are doing everything else right, but are still not seeing the number of clients you want in your […]

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The Difference Between Professional Hair Products and Store Brand

Have you ever asked yourself, "What is the difference between professional and salon hair products?" Do you believe drugstore products do what they say they will? If so, is there really any reason to spend money on expensive professional products? In short, professional products are said to be better for your hair, and you may […]

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Accessories and Tools You Need for Your Salon

If you’re a business person just starting out, you probably want to know which essential equipment you need in your salon. Being prepared with the correct styling equipment will help your transactions go smoothly and keep your clients pleased. These are some of the must-have items you need to get for your salon: Seats and Mirrors […]

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Questions To Ask When Performing a Hair Consultation

Any talented stylist with a good reputation will agree: It’s important to ask questions of your clients. If you want to do the best job possible for your clients and have their hair look its best, it’s of the utmost importance to know who and what you’re dealing with. But where do you begin? Do […]

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How and Why You Should Educate Your Clients About Hair Care Products

Every time a client walks in and sits in your chair, they provide you with an opportunity to showcase your prowess in styling and caring for their hair. Apart from the regular catch-up conversations, you want to add value to your service by sharing some hair care knowledge with your clients. Educating and engaging in […]

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